Crown of Roses

Every morning I wake up and wonder "Who will I meet today?" Whose life will intercede with mine, for a moment, for a period of time, for a lifetime? There are people in the world I have yet to meet and I curiously anticipate their arrival. The Internet has allowed me to reach across the ocean and befriend peoples of varying backgrounds and cultures. I often cannot speak their language but I can communicate with them by sharing images or videos of art, music and dance. I seek fellow artists who understand this language well.

Many people do not realize that we are living during a renaissance, a great revival of artistic expression. It is a wonderful time to be alive, to witness this transformation of society. Collectively, we are creating spectacular works of art, often collaborating over the Internet. It is my hope for humanity that through art we will discover our common voice and become one harmonious society.

Donna Franchi Hofstaedter